CAUTION: Senior Year may be Closer than it Appears

CAUTION: Senior Year May be Closer than it Appears

At first it was just an Instagram caption; the kind we all try to perfect with our wit. But, the caption got me thinking, and seriously questioning my future. Of course, not my future as in career and family; more like next year future. I feel that juniors deserve their senior year as more of a relaxing time after the absolute agony they went through with ACT/SAT and just the year in general. Junior year is not fun... well, not always fun. Of course, we all live up the feeling of finally being upperclassmen, the feeling of having more freedom now than we used to have. It was all a built up excitement of being able to rush the floor during pep rallies, of being able to drive to school and all of our after school festivities. During Manual's ring ceremony, though, the thought of my last year of my parents making a curfew for me, the thought of my last everything–last first day, last Red/White Week/Manual vs. Male game, last pep rallies, last year with my best friends, and my last days at Manual High School–had me in tears on my way home.
 While we, as incoming seniors, are about to live up the last year of our mandatory education, we also have a lot of pressure on our shoulders within the next nine months. Adults are throwing us one big "Congrats on having to figure your entire future in one school year" party, and we are all breaking out in stress acne. Don't lie, because I am too. And, going to such a rigorous school doesn't help in the slightest. We can't let AP classes and college applications ruin our last year of high school! Yes, colleges still look at how challenging your course load is and how well you're doing, but if you're drowning yourself in ridiculous and unnecessary college classes that you might not even pass anyway and are going to constantly stress over, why? Why not just sit back and smell the roses, enjoy your last year of not having to make your own food and, *GASP* do your own LAUNDRY!? 
 I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just giving you advice on what I would do. I'd probably take one or two AP classes, take manditory courses, and then take classes I will actually enjoy. In 15 years, I want to remember all of the adventures I had senior year, I probably won't remember what my AP Psych teacher told me to read for our Chapter 10 test. Take some time to enjoy your last moments walking around the school that made you into your future self. Stop, smell the roses.


Thoughts? Let us know!

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