GUEST BLOG: Joursive – A Black Girl’s Experience


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Growing up as a black girl is hard. But, we all have different experiences with our femininity, our blackness, and our culture, however it may mesh together. For the past couple of years, since I’ve become a bit hypersensitive to my blackness, I’ve taken every opportunity to delve into the role my skin color and culture played when it comes to who I am right now. It would only be right to share my experiences, so others don’t feel as alone as I did. I am not of mixed race, but of mixed ethnicity. My mother was born in the United States, and my dad was born in Ghana. Because they don’t together, I’ve always felt torn between two cultures: one full of comfort food and soul music, and one full of kente cloth and stories of the motherland. The cultures never intermingled, and I…

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